Busiest year since 2007

For those that have met with me in some hotel for a couple of hours or so, will have no difficulty whatsoever with the headline to this blog. For they will quickly realise that in my usual ‘no-bull” style, that when I say busy, I mean busy. You could ask; “Are you busy, or busy making money?”. Both. The unfortunate thing, is that my business only accounts for a percentage of  the market share. Clients will favour what I do over others and I can only handle a number of searches at any time.  It’s not even about time management. All headhunting assignments are completed to the clients requirements and meeting candidates, offering the best advice I can give them, takes a large slice of my day. The end result, with any luck (and some skill) is that the right people are found and have happy careers. The housebuilding recruitment market is improving nicely and I’m still a great believer that some very good people are not being rewarded as well as they should, relative to effort, commitment, knowledge, expertise, passion, flair, management skill and a sheer hard-work ethic.

We are approaching the next financial hurdle for many housebuilding groups and it is vital that they have a strategy for change and growth where staff are concerned.  This doesn’t mean change for the sake of change, but with so few good people in the industry, it makes sense to have the best available working within the right company. I’ve always relied upon qualitative recruitment strategies, which work well.

Some extremely exciting salaries are being offered to key personnel and most people are out of touch with salary offerings and expectations since 2008. If you are not sure either how much to pay staff to retain or recruit them, it’s quite likely that I can shed some light for each discipline. If you’ve been working for a company for some time without a review, it might be worth chatting.  Sometimes, you will find that you are already at the top of the barrel, so keep your head down and carry on.

Attitudes to internet recruiting are much the same as before. It’s takes a long time to find the best people through the internet alone, as most ‘good people’ are doing a good job somewhere else, not looking at job boards or have any interest in moving companies. For this reason, I have been busy with retained assignments, searching, meeting and short-listing the ideal people for each role.

Where are you in your career? Have you got stuck in a rut? Are the people around you not as effective as you expect? Are you worth more? Is there a better option? How long should you stay in a certain role, before promotion? Is now the right time to move?
I can tell you that most recruitment for the New Year is already being locked-up. Don’t search in the New Year with everyone else, start talking now…

Most discruntled employees, are fed up for a couple of reasons.

1. They’re not hitting it off with their immediate boss.

2. They don’t see a future.

There’s always the money thing, but actually, job satisfaction, job security and future opportunities for growth are pretty high up on the list.

One more thing.. Don’t get caught up with email chat. Long term relationships are made from a dialogue (yes, actually speaking to one another!) This means that unless you are prepared to speak with me, I can’t really help you. Further and if you are applying for a certain job, I’ll need to meet you too !  I’ts not that I’m living in some dark age, I’m really up to date. I have just about every product and gadget that apple have ever produced. Contact is easy, but within the constraints of time.

Unless you are a client (paying my fee), my time is otherwise FREE.
Make use of it.

Thanks for reading….

About bestheadhunter

Simon Wilkins is 'The Headhunter' for New Homes and Housebuilding Sector. Former Sales & Marketing Director with Crest Nicholson and Head of Sales Redrow Homes SE. Headhunter with Face-Fit Group and founder of the UK's first Housebuilding Jobs Board in 2008 - www.newhomesjobs.co.uk Clients include: Galliford Try/Linden, Berkeley Homes, Crest Nicholson, Miller Homes, St James, Persimmon, Barratt, Bovis Homes, House Group, Taylor Wimpey, Gladedale, Redeham Homes, Harrison Cowley, Bellway and many more. Specialising in recruitment for all personnel within the housebuilding sector from Chief Executives to Site & Sales Personnel. Newhomesjobs cater for all job disciplines within the housebuilding and new homes sector. I guarantee all placements and to-date have a 100% success rate for every placement made with every client. Specialties: Ethical recruitment, loyal to clients and candidates, extremely confidential and professional. Business is for long-term relationships, not the 'bums on seats' mentality. I guarantee all placements and will never poach staff from a client, ever. An enviable record of success, without the need to refund any client for an abortive assignment. Good value too !
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