Year End? or Dead End?

What does the financial calendar in your business, mean to you?

Does it mean, extra pressure to meet those short term and vital goals? Does it mean having to work extra hours for no extra reward or simply time to focus and concentrate more than ever in areas of the business that you thought had nothing to do with you?

Whatever Year End means, for some, it will mean change and more than likely, unexpected change.

The grass is greener.. or is it?

What’s the saying? Better the devil you know…

One thing is for sure. Where there is change, there is uncertainty. An unsettling feeling, which if not embraced can be destructive and demotivating. Often companies fail to keep people informed of the KPI’s. The Key Performance Indicators, which are extremely useful in making sure that everyone buys into the goal or task in hand, whilst having an appreciation of what can happen when things go slightly off course.

Someone once told me to make every decision in your business day, as if you own the company. Whilst in most cases this could lead to some extreme and thoughtless action, for the most part, it’s actually a pretty useful way to reflect upon something before acting. Would you make the same decision, if you owned the company? What impact does your decision have on others? How will your proposed actions affect your business now, or in the future? Who is affected? What other ways could you arrive at the same end?

The thing about managing people and the expectations of others, is to have empathy. Truly see the other person’s viewpoint from your own position. See the situation, through their eyes, not yours.

When facing tough times, maybe financial or immediate goals and deadlines,  just consider your own actions and how they affect others.

Just this week, I’ve talked two people into staying in their jobs despite their desire to leave and change for something new. Is the grass greener they ask? Will I have to put up with the kind of crap that I’m dealing with now?

It’s not a perfect world, but teams that think alike and have the dynamics of a growing fast paced and progressive business, can work in harmony. The secret of course, is good management. Recognising that it’s not all terrible and that success and work are only in that order in the dictionary.

Headhunting is not just about sending a few CV’s.

If it’s done properly, everyone wins.

About bestheadhunter

Simon Wilkins is 'The Headhunter' for New Homes and Housebuilding Sector. Former Sales & Marketing Director with Crest Nicholson and Head of Sales Redrow Homes SE. Headhunter with Face-Fit Group and founder of the UK's first Housebuilding Jobs Board in 2008 - Clients include: Galliford Try/Linden, Berkeley Homes, Crest Nicholson, Miller Homes, St James, Persimmon, Barratt, Bovis Homes, House Group, Taylor Wimpey, Gladedale, Redeham Homes, Harrison Cowley, Bellway and many more. Specialising in recruitment for all personnel within the housebuilding sector from Chief Executives to Site & Sales Personnel. Newhomesjobs cater for all job disciplines within the housebuilding and new homes sector. I guarantee all placements and to-date have a 100% success rate for every placement made with every client. Specialties: Ethical recruitment, loyal to clients and candidates, extremely confidential and professional. Business is for long-term relationships, not the 'bums on seats' mentality. I guarantee all placements and will never poach staff from a client, ever. An enviable record of success, without the need to refund any client for an abortive assignment. Good value too !
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