2013 Countdown

Companies are already preparing for a busy 2013, with site launches and work in progress going full steam ahead. The search for some excellent candidates is still the main focus, as talent shortages are pushing salaries through the roof. The word “bonus” is back and it means that provided goals are achieved, you should be looked after.

We are beginning to see the knock-on effect of 2008, when 10,000+ housebuilding personnel lost their jobs.

Certainly, 10,000 faces haven’t returned to the world of property or anywhere near the number of staff required to fill special roles. Every employer wants a candidate with a good track record, which means the person they are searching for is probably quite happy doing the same job for someone else. It’s just a matter of identifying them and asking someone like me to tap them on the shoulder and ask a few delving questions about career aspirations, hoping that they could be persuaded to jump ship for the right reasons.

So what if you are one of those “I could be persuaded?”

My advice would be to engage with a recruiter who actually understands your role, not just the job itself, but the culture and dynamics of the office and business as a whole. After all, it’s a people thing. Not everyone is going to get on with everyone else. They may put on a brave face in the interests of staying employed, but more often, personalities are the main reason for change at some point however painful.

Are companies recruiting? Yes.

I’ve had the busiest two years, since 2007.

It’s all about timing. It only takes for a change in directorship to upset the apple-cart and before you know it,  it’s time to move on.

Maybe your face doesn’t fit anymore. Maybe your new boss has other ideas about who they want in their team. Whatever the situation, now is the time to invest in yourself and explore opportunities.

Be careful though. Speak to recruiters you can trust with your life (no joke) as I’ve heard some pretty dreadful tales about lack of confidentiality, leading to problems.

Linked In is a favourite if mine. Here’s a tip; If you want to change jobs and to be discreet doing it, don’t link to recruiters. Instead, contact them directly. As soon as you link to a recruiter, everyone in their network and your own will see that you have linked. The reach is far and wide. Someone once told me that we are all only 6 steps away from anyone in the world. Judging by Linked-In, it seems more true than ever. My network reach of people reading messages is about 7 Million ! I certainly don’t have that many candidates, so it’s quite astonishing to comprehend.

Don’t be in a hurry to send over your CV either. Recruiters that are interested in you, not your CV, will offer to meet up.

Don’t allow the recruiter to “Go Fishing” with your CV

Don’t become another CV arriving in the inbox of a company who may or may not be recruiting right now.
There are severals reasons why this can be bad news. If your CV is sent speculatively by a recruiter who doesn’t know you or hasn’t met you, you may be dismissed by the recruiting company. It might be the case where a recruitment agency is appointed on a retained basis and the client will only deal with the ‘retained recruiter.’ If your CV has arrived by other means, you may blow your chances of an introduction, because the client will not wish to pay fees twice. The retained recruiter will find a candidate that isn’t going to complicate matters.

Your recruiter should only send your CV to a client whom you have discussed and given express permission to send your CV on your behalf.

Too often. CV’s land in the most dangerous places when dealing with amateur recruiters. The next conversation is in the company kitchen, because your CV has been noticed in the in-tray of a director and suddenly you are being discussed by staff who are eager to find out who is being considered, when in point of fact, it’s not their business.
Two sugars and some milk later, you are known to a couple of folk who have contacts in the company you work for and bob’s your uncle ! You’ve been found out searching for a new role without even discussing it ! The recruitment industry is full of amateurs, hoping to make a quick buck. Just be very careful who you trust your career with.

I’m worth a lot more than this?

I am often being called for salary benchmarking purposes, particularly as we approach the new year. Candidates are very keen to find out the going rate for their role. It’s not surprising, since pay rises have been very low or non existent, whilst the economy recovers. People are often made to feel that they are lucky to be in a job, rather than be asking for a pay rise.

That’s true enough, but there is a key difference between incremental salary rises and recruitment teasers. The new employer has to temp with more than just the career opportunity, so make it count when negotiating your next role. If you need advice, in confidence,  just call me.

Here’s looking forward to a very busy 2013.

About bestheadhunter

Simon Wilkins is 'The Headhunter' for New Homes and Housebuilding Sector. Former Sales & Marketing Director with Crest Nicholson and Head of Sales Redrow Homes SE. Headhunter with Face-Fit Group and founder of the UK's first Housebuilding Jobs Board in 2008 - www.newhomesjobs.co.uk Clients include: Galliford Try/Linden, Berkeley Homes, Crest Nicholson, Miller Homes, St James, Persimmon, Barratt, Bovis Homes, House Group, Taylor Wimpey, Gladedale, Redeham Homes, Harrison Cowley, Bellway and many more. Specialising in recruitment for all personnel within the housebuilding sector from Chief Executives to Site & Sales Personnel. Newhomesjobs cater for all job disciplines within the housebuilding and new homes sector. I guarantee all placements and to-date have a 100% success rate for every placement made with every client. Specialties: Ethical recruitment, loyal to clients and candidates, extremely confidential and professional. Business is for long-term relationships, not the 'bums on seats' mentality. I guarantee all placements and will never poach staff from a client, ever. An enviable record of success, without the need to refund any client for an abortive assignment. Good value too !
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